Striving to become a unified community...

Our Pastor

Robert F. Tywoniak, M.S.W.,C.S.W.M
Our current pastor, Reverend Robert F. Tywoniak, (Fr. Bob,) shared with us how the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, "I am called to be faithful, not successful," have come to make more sense to him over his time in the priesthood.

One might work years to build up some particular ministry or another in service to God's Church only to be called to something and someplace else, leaving the reaping of the fruit to someone else. It can bring about frustration, even sadness, wondering "why could I not stay and taste the sweetness of my labors?" The disappointment is inevitable unless one has faith and trust that all will reach its proper End.

Mother's words are reflected in our Mission Statement, A Faithful Community in Service To All. Perhaps you have had experiences that have left you frustrated, disappointed and sad. One might even say angry. This experience might have come from a broken relationship you have had with someone. You might have lost a job that you put all your energy and effort into. World events may have left you despondent. It might even be the Roman Catholic Church, in the behavior of some of its people or leaders, have let you down terribly.

These things have piled on. Now, for some reason you are searching.

All that anyone at Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church can say is, “we are faithful.” None of us can claim to be perfect, all in agreement with one another about all things or always as kind and thoughtful as we ought to be all the time. We say in our vision statement, "...we endeavor to become a unified community..." and we "hope to be a friendly caring parish..." No one is perfect and everyone is a bit of a hypocrite. What is also true is you are, too, and "there's room for one more" of us here. We Celebrate, Educate and take Stewardship of ourselves and the Church. Our Sunday (and Saturday Vigil) Liturgies (Masses/Services) lift us up just because we are with the Lord, in His Sacramental presence. We even strive to sing well and be filled with solid preaching of the Word, and pray together sincerely. Perhaps this is what you need now. You need a place that will celebrate all of life's moments; the ups and the downs, included.

Come on in! This might be what God is calling you to. We might not be successful at whatever you might expect of us, but as one wise old lady said, "I am making it." Well, we are making it.

2024 Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend
July 26-28 or Nov. 22-24

Married Couples, you are invited to deepen your communication, strengthen your relationship, rekindle your romance and renew your sacrament by attending a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend Experience that is a series of presentations made by the Presenting Team, consisting of 3 married couples and 1 priest. Each presentation builds on the last as we examine ourselves, our behaviors and attitudes, our relationship with our spouse and God. Communication tools are taught on the weekend helping couples connect in healthy, constructive ways on areas that can deepen their intimacy and connectedness. After the Weekend couples often return to their lives and families, refreshed, with a renewed commitment to each other and their faith. Sign up here:
$100 Non-refundable registration fee applies.

For more information contact: Roger & Annie Borrello, 678-439-9633 or Frank & Fran Kulzer, 954-961-5078.

Helping where needed

St. Vincent de
Paul Society

The St. Vincent DePaul Society conducts a drive thru grocery distribution every Friday from 1:30-3:15 PM at Blessed Sacrament Church, 1701 E Oakland Park Blvd (entrance to the parking lot is located on NE 33rd Street. First timers must provide proof of residency in Broward County.

"All clients are asked to treat each other with respect. Please have patience with the volunteers as they strive to serve you well."


During the month of April, St. Vincent de Paul Society served 791 clients representing 2,852 individuals. Expenses were $3,022.11 (this amount includes rents, utilities, etc. as well as operational). The generosity of our surrounding parishes and many individuals allows our ministry to thrive and serve. We thank each of you.


Credential Monitoring
Procedure for all Volunteers


Statewide (DCF) Abuse Hotline
Archdiocesan Abuse Hotline
Victim Assistance Coordinator
Peter Routsis-Arroyo