Faith Formation
In Home Study Guide for the Family

May the Lord’s Peace be with you!

Thank you so much for welcoming the Lord into your family and home. We will walk together through some simple beliefs we have as Roman Catholic Christians. In Faith, Hope and Love we will maintain our relationship as a parish where all are welcome and find a way together to grow in God’s Love. Over time you will see and appreciate how you being a family add so much to the world but especially to this our parish of the Blessed Sacrament.

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Passing on the Faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (The Holy Trinity) is actually simple. It is much about living as loving Christians. Home schooling your children in the Faith is not so formal. You do not have to make everything a formal classroom setting. In fact, do not.

Yes, your actions in love and mercy and justice in your household are so very important. Add to the actions and “good deeds” you do little explanations for why you live the way you do. You can say to the children, “We live this way because God really loves us. I trust God’s teachings for how it is best to live my life. I want you to live this way too.” Also, you, mother and father, want the Lord to be happy and pleased with you and all in the family. Keep it simple like this in the earlier years of life. (Let us say up to ages preteen.)
Remember to Keep it simple. No stress,
No stress

Segment 1
A simple reading assignment.

It is meant for you the adult parent, grandparent, or guardian. Do not necessarily read it to the child. This is meant to educate yourself to basic matters of the Faith and basic ideas for acts of Faith around the family day. Also, do not STRESS OUT. Get it done when you can. However, do read the first two readings before getting into any discussions with the children concerning the Faith.

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Segment 2
Customs and Things to Do at Home

Remember to keep it simple. No stress. Everyone and every family and household may have customs. You may develop your own family’s new customs that are based on the culture of your family’s heritage and many rituals, rites, bible stories and prayers that come from the Church and our practice of the Faith. These things speak loudly of our Faith in God who loves us. Following customs may teach much about the faith without reading books and taking tests!

Download and print Segment 2 Assignment

Segment 3
Why do we go to Mass?

This segment and the next one, segment 4, might be good topics to talk about at mealtime. Why? The Mass is based on a meal and Jesus had many meals with people. (Special Note: The Mass is part of special communal prayer and rituals in the Church that is known as Liturgy. The word liturgy means ”the work of the people”.)

Segment 4
Why do we do what we do at Mass?
Part by part.

The Mass has two major parts. The first part is the Liturgy of the Word when we read from the Bible. The second part is the Liturgy of the Eucharist when we have the Lord’s Supper. You might simply point this out to the children. No big explanation at this point. Just tell them there are two major parts to it.

Download and print Segment 4 Assignment

Segment 5 (In two Parts)
A Tour of a Catholic Church

Did you know that in the beginning of the Church, just after Jesus rose from the dead and went up to the Father in heaven (Ascended to Heaven), our ancestors of the Faith met in their homes. That is where they celebrated and remembered Jesus and the Last Supper he had with his apostles. For a while they probably went to the synagogue first to read the Holy Scriptures (Old Testament of the Bible) with other Jewish people. Then they went home to celebrate the supper. However, going to the synagogue ended fairly soon. After that they met in the home even for reading from the Apostles writings (Gospels). Other early Christians who never were Jewish never did go to the synagogue. Now, however, we have special buildings that we build to be special, sacred, places to Worship and Celebrate God’s goodness, the Eucharist. (Refer back to the segments on the Mass.)

This can be a fun and active learning to do as a family.

Download and print Segment 5 Assignment