What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is the care we take of the gifts we have been given. The primary gifts are those of Time, Talent and Treasure. Within these are found all the other attributes you may find in yourself.

I think of the talents I have been given by God. They are many. I could not decide what course in life I should take. I wanted to do all the things I ever dreamed of. Yet, in the practical sense I could only pick one way in life, one vocation.

However, once I said yes to God, all the things I thought of doing in my lifetime slowly began to unfold for me. By saying yes to God and accepting His call to the priesthood all my talents were put to good use.

Take a good look at yourself. What talents do you have? What gifts stand out to you? How might you put them to use for the glory of God and His people?

You are gifted. You are a unique creation of God. Take care of all that you are and take care of all that is around you. Be a good steward.

Stewardship Days begin January 10th. Everyone will have the chance to contribute his and her Time, Talent and Treasure.

Let us join together and make the Lord appear in our world by supporting this parish and beyond!


Dear Fellow Parish Member:

This letter is about our yearly renewal of Stewardship to our parish. It also is an expression of gratitude and a means to be supportive of all members in difficult times.

As stewards of our faith community, Blessed Sacrament Parish, we have held each other up in the face of challenges not faced by our generation. Especially for those of you sheltering at home we have been particularly mindful. We work to keep you close.

As pastor I have reminded the people celebrating the Liturgy in person that many are sheltering at home. We pray for you and celebrate as though you are with us in person. In other words no one is forgotten. Further, I and Kevin our webmaster have made sure the video reflection is up on our site each week. Those of you who are most vulnerable I have personally called on the phone from time to time. Speaking of phone calls I and two volunteers called every member of the parish three times during the full shutdown of all churches. At times, a letter or note has been sent to you. You see, while we may not see each other in person we are in solidarity through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

At some point, hopefully soon enough, we may all return to the in-person activities and obligations we enjoy as Christians. Most importantly is the return to the Sunday Liturgy. We believe Jesus is really present in his Body and Blood in the form of bread and wine. This is the central truth and joining force of Christian celebration and worship. The real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament, cannot be experienced through streaming. It is only efficacious when we are together at church on Sunday as an expression of God's love for us and our love for him. Celebration of the Holy Mass is something that comes from us together in person. And it is something that God brings to us. We keep holy the Lord's Day, and it keeps us holy.

In the near future we hope to return to many other things we do as a faith community. I personally look forward to Scripture Sharing. I would like to renew the Advent Evenings with the Eucharist and Lenten Stations of the Cross. The yearly Parish Mission that begins each Ash Wednesday and parish socials have been great times to gather and in the next year, they will return.

With great courage in faith many of you have used your gifts of Time and Talent to graciously keep all the apostolates functioning. The members of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society have not missed one week of service. The musicians have adapted and continued to lead us in music. The other people who cause the Liturgies to continue have adapted and repurposed their roles as needed. The Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist have not forgotten their clients. They have kept them in prayer. The professional staff has continued to show up for work each day. The Faith Formation Team and I have fashioned a way for families with children to share the Faith at home.

Thus, this parish is in full force and service through adaptive ways. People of Faith serve and perform regardless of the challenges. You, the people of this parish have!

Now, besides your prayers and sharing your Time and Talent you must renew your commitment to investing your Treasure here! Yes, your tithe is much needed. Some of you who have sheltered at home and who are still employed or still have your pensions have waned in making your tithes (donations). Other members have lost their jobs or have seen a reduction in income. Thus, the rest of us must take up added responsibility to support the parish financially. (Our Financial Report was published earlier.)

Some of you who are reading this Stewardship Letter are doing so for the first time. You are new here and most welcome. We have done our best to give you support. Yes, people continue to respond to God's loving call! Others have moved into our area recently. All are welcome in this place. Newcomers, Christians must be good Stewards of all that has been given them. Give your Time, Talent and Treasure.

This is the "Letter of Commitment to Stewardship". Please note all the components listed therein. Carefully consider all of that which is Stewardship. Do so with all in your household including the children. Then fill in the information and make your financial commitment. Please return the Letter of Commitment to the Office by mail or put it in the collection receptacle in church. By doing this you show your dedication to the Lord and His community of faith.

The term "tithe" means a tenth. It is biblical. A tenth of what one has is returned to the Lord God who has given you all you have in the first place, At Blessed Sacrament we request only six percent to the parish plus two percent to the Archbishop's Charities and Development Drive and the remaining two percent may be given to a charity that you value outside the Church. (A giving chart is on the Commitment Letter.)

What is the Archbishop's Charities and Development Drive (ABCD)? This is the way all members of all parishes pull together to do works of the Church outside their own parishes or self-interest. Archbishop Wenski will be mailing you his own letter and information about this soon if not already. Please respond to his letter. Know that we have a parish goal that must be met. We the parish are held responsible for covering the annual goal. The goal this year is $65,362.00. We must pay this even if the pledges are not made and paid. When you make your ABCD pledge please be sure your pledge card says it is for Blessed Sacrament Parish or else it can be accredited to some other parish and we lose on our goal.

Thus, I pray we may build together our parish as a Community of Faith. Let us continue to make this a place where all are welcome and where we strive to express our faith in prayer, celebration of the Sacraments and in concrete service in the community. Let us support one another and help each other through the many challenges as we always have. And, with regard to the challenges we face our Archbishop always reminds us, "If the Lord takes you to it He will lead you through it."

May the Peace of the Lord God be with you always.

Rev. Robert F. Tywoniak M.Div., M.S.W.

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