Time, Talent and Treasure



Stewardship is the care we take of the gifts we have been given. The primary gifts are those of Time, Talent and Treasure. Within these are found all the other attributes you may find in yourself.

I think of the talents I have been given by God. They are many. I could not decide what course in life I should take. I wanted to do all the things I ever dreamed of. Yet, in the practical sense I could only pick one way in life, one vocation.

However, once I said yes to God all the things I thought of doing in my lifetime slowly began to unfold for me. By saying yes to God and accepting His call to the priesthood all my talents were put to good use.

Take a good look at yourself. What talents do you have? What gifts stand out to you? How might you put them to use for the glory of God and His people?

You are gifted. You are a unique creation of God. Take care of all that you are and take care of all that is around you. Be a good steward.

Everyone will have the chance to contribute his and her Time, Talent and Treasure.

Your Time and Talent

In the foyer of the church is a rack that has a sign over it, "Ministries." Run your eyes over the various options available here in the parish. Think and pray about them. Reflect on what your own gifts and skills are. How might they match up with the offerings listed on the rack?

Particular Needs.

-Altar Servers for the 9am Sunday Liturgy. (May be Youth or Adult)
-Greeters and Ushers for the various Liturgies. (May be Youth or Adult.)
-Hospitality Workers for the Sunday Agape that takes place in the Hall after Liturgies.
-Teachers for the Faith Formation of our children and youth.

Be in touch with God and the Pastor or other head of an Apostolate. We can connect you to what you are called to do.


Tithing is the fulfillment of the sharing of one's treasure as prescribed above by the concept of Stewardship.